WATCH: Rescue Dog Saves Blind Pit Bull from Drowning in Pool

A dog is being praised for saving an elderly blind pit bull from drowning in their family’s pool in Argentina on December 19.

A surveillance camera in Julieta Firpo’s backyard caught the moment her pit bull, Luna, walked near the pool’s edge before accidentally falling in the water.

In a Facebook post, she said 14-year-old Luna had recently become “disoriented.”

However, when the family’s other dog, Caipirinha, saw her fellow canine slip into the water, she rushed over to help.

Firpo’s video footage shows the little black dog pacing back and forth along the pool as Luna paddled around, trying to find her way out:

Luna tiene 14 años, está ciega y éstos últimos días comenzó a desorientarse.Ayer paseando por el patio se cayó a la…

Posted by Julieta Firpo on Sunday, December 20, 2020

At one point, Luna swam to the corner of the pool and Caipirinha touched her nose. Moments later, she appeared to guide the pit bull along the water’s edge toward the stairway.

Once Luna made it to the stairs, Caipirinha grabbed Luna’s collar and dragged her out of the water to safety. The pit bull lay on the patio for a moment before getting up and walking away.

Firpo said the two dogs became friends after her family rescued Caipirinha during their vacation in Brazil when they saw her owners dump her from a car window at a gas station.

“The two are inseparable. Luna is a pit bull who is very old, her mother Syrah, is 15-years-old and also lives with us,” Firpo explained.

In her translated Facebook post, she said, “Desperate Caipirinha did everything possible to guide her to the staircase and helped her out,” adding that she was the family’s heroine.

Firpo’s social media followers expressed their joy at seeing the rescue, calling it incredible and amazing.

“Oh my goodness this is so precious and scary! Yes you do have 2 special dogs there! Wow!” one person wrote.

“That’s the sweetest ever!!!” another user commented.


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