Triple-Vaccinated CNBC Host Jim Cramer Tests Positive for Coronavirus

CNBC anchor Jim Cramer says he has tested positive for coronavirus after receiving a third dose of the Moderna vaccine.

Cramer announced that he has the virus Monday morning during a segment on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street with David Faber.

“There’s a good deal of growing concern about COVID yet again, Jim,” Faber said to Cramer. “I mean, here we are. I’m sitting here in Englewood Cliffs, our headquarters, you’re at home right now. I think that’s where you are. And anecdotally, I think we can both say, ‘I’ve never known so many people who have got the virus…’ Thankfully, everybody I know who’s got it is not sick because they were triple-vaxxed, but it’s everywhere it feels like.”

“I have Covid. I have Covid. I came down with Covid on Thursday night,” Cramer responded. “I had tested in the morning, didn’t have Covid. Test in the evening, I had COVID. Woke up Friday, felt pretty good. Woke up Saturday, worked out hard. Woke up yesterday, man my hardest workout in ages, and I got up at 4 o’clock as usual today”


A clinician prepares a dose of a Moderna Covid-19 booster vaccine. (Photo by DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images)

Cramer added that he knows where he contracted the virus. 

 “I actually have, David, I have contact traced I know exactly how I got it,” Cramer said. “And it’s certainly not encouraging for people because I was at an event where you had to have PCR, you had to be tested that day. I got it that night from someone who was tested that day and the problem is, David, is that it just works so fast. You can’t stop it, meaning that I can test in the morning and feeling great, I test in the evening feeling great, but then I’m giving it to people, so I don’t know. I feel so good, I feel like I should go for a run today. I haven’t run in a long time.”

The Mad Money host contracted the virus, though he says he received a third dose of the Moderna vaccine. 

“I was triple vaccinated Moderna,” Cramer said. “I actually had the strength — the last one was the strongest one. I came down with this, I guess, rather easily.”

Cramer’s announcement comes a day after triple-vaccinated Democrat Sens. Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Cory Booker (NJ) shared that they both tested positive for coronavirus.


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