ICE Arrests of Criminal Illegal Aliens in 2023 Drop by 41% Under Joe Biden Compared to Donald Trump

ICE/Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
ICE/Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

The number of convicted criminal illegal aliens arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents dropped by 41 percent in Fiscal Year 2023 compared to the total arrested in Fiscal Year 2019 under then-President Donald Trump.

In Fiscal Year 2023, which represents the second full fiscal year in which Biden was president, ICE agents arrested nearly 171,000 illegal aliens, fewer than 32 percent of whom were convicted criminals.

For comparison, in Fiscal Year 2019 — which was Trump’s second full fiscal year as president — more than 64 percent of all of the 143,000 illegal aliens arrested by ICE agents were convicted criminals.

The data suggests that Biden’s ICE is arresting about 41 percent fewer convicted criminal illegal aliens compared to when Trump was in office. Also, those convicted of crimes make up a far smaller percentage of the total number of illegal aliens agents are arresting within a year.

ICE Annual Report 2023

Likewise, ICE agents arrested a little more than 20,000 illegal aliens with pending criminal charges against them in Fiscal Year 2023. In comparison, ICE agents, in Fiscal Year 2019, arrested more than 31,000 illegal aliens with pending criminal charges — indicating a 35-percent drop.

At-large arrests of convicted criminal illegal aliens, which primarily take place when ICE agents go into a community intending to make a targeted arrest, have similarly been slashed in more than half compared to Fiscal Year 2019.

While ICE agents made at-large arrests of nearly 20,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens in Fiscal Year 2019, just about 9,700 at-large arrests of convicted criminal illegal aliens were made in Fiscal Year 2023.

Among those at-large arrests in Fiscal Year 2023, illegal aliens with more than 1,300 convictions for homicide, 926 convictions for kidnapping, more than 3,000 convictions for sexual assault, and nearly 27,000 convictions for drunk driving were arrested by ICE agents.

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