Yahoo Defiant About War On Women Hiring Practices

Yahoo Defiant About War On Women Hiring Practices

After Yahoo revealed that only 6% of its employees are black and Hispanic and women are outnumbered by the men who represent 85% of its tech workers and 77% of its leadership, the company released a defiant and unapologetic statement:

“We’re in the business of building products for hundreds of millions of users worldwide and that starts with having the best possible talent — a Yahoo team that understands and reflects our diverse user base,” said Jacqueline Reses, Yahoo’s chief development officer, in the report. “These statistics are only a part of the story.”

Naturally, some overbearing white male ordered one of Yahoo’s very few female employees to release that statement. 

My source inside Yahoo tells me that the first draft of the press release simple read, “Divesity-shimersity.”

The second draft read, “Tolerance-shmolerance.”

Yahoo hasn’t yet released any information on the number of homosexuals, Quakers, or trans-gendered one-eyed albino Indian women who are presently employed at the company. 

Keep refreshing for updates…