Collusion: Jerry Brown Going to Russia Conference Hosted by Putin

Jerry Brown space center (Bill Ingalls / NASA / Getty)
Bill Ingalls / NASA / Getty

California Governor Jerry Brown is flying to Vladivostok Sunday for an economic cooperation conference hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin, where the governor plans to promote decarbonizing investments.

Despite hydrocarbons being 70 percent of Russia’s exports, and 50 percent of government revenues, Brown will self-represent the United States to promote what he refers to as sustainable investments in de-carbonizing the planet.

Brown is scheduled to participate on a panel on September 6 titled: “The Russia-China-Japan-U.S. Quadrangle: Are There Opportunities for Cooperation?” President Vladimir Putin will host the conference and give the opening speech. It is unknown if Brown will meet privately with Putin.

U.S. President Donald Trump would not have been invited to the conference, after beefing up sanctions against Russia on July 25, following an overwhelming bipartisan congressional vote to punish Russia for human rights violations, the annexation of Crimea, and military aggression in eastern Ukraine. The Trump administration has also forced the closure of two Russian diplomatic missions in the U.S.

Russia and the United States have ratcheted-up a series of sanctions and retaliatory sanctions since former President Barack Obama ordered 35 Russian diplomats expelled from the United States for supposedly meddling in U.S. elections, just before President Trump was sworn in.

Democrat Governor Brown’s 4-day junket was announced just days before the conference, stirring rumors that President Trump’s trade representatives had been excluded. But a release by Brown’s spokesman stated, “Every government and every business is responsible for making this radical turn and from Victorville to Vladivostok, California will continue to lead the charge.”

Brown has been jetting around the planet over the last couple years to promote climate change and a planet with a smaller carbon footprint in Paris, Bonn, Beijing, Quebec, Mexico City and now Vladivostok. His travel has been paid for by the California State Protocol Foundation. CSPF grants for Brown’s travel appear to have been funded by a $100,000 grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation’s social justice investing.

Just after the announcement of the trip to Russia, Governor Brown revealed his plans for spending $1.5 billion from the extended cap-and-trade legislation. Brown wants $607.5 million for cleaner cars, trucks, buses and farm vehicles incentives; $350 million to improve air quality in disadvantaged communities; and $200 million for fire prevention.


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