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Google Still Non-Diverse, According to Latest Report

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Google’s latest diversity report, released last Thursday, shows the Internet giant is continuing to struggle with its aim of diversifying its workforce, and has seen a mere 0.1 percent increase in the number of female, black and “Latinx” — Latino and Latina — employees.

“Based on employee surveys, we have learned that feeling included is associated with lower attrition for all employees, especially people of color,” Danielle Brown, Google’s chief diversity and inclusion officer said in the report, according to the East Bay Times. “So we are accelerating efforts to ensure all Googlers—and in particular those from underrepresented groups—experience Google as an inclusive workplace.”

According to the report, the company’s U.S. workforce is 53.1 percent white, 36.3 percent Asian, 3.6 percent “Latinx,” and 2.5 percent black. It also found that women make up 30.9 percent of its workforce around the world.

However, the report also found that since last year, Google has seen a 0.5 percent increase in black leadership (from 1.5 percent to 2 percent) while “Latinx” leadership rose from 1.7 percent to 1.8 percent.

Former Google engineer James Damore was fired last year after he wrote a ten-page manifesto criticizing the company’s wide-ranging political bias and diversity push and for suggesting that biological differences between men and women could account for different career outcomes. After he was fired for his statements, Damore sued Google and accused it of discriminating against men, conservatives, and white people.

In January, Breitbart News reported: “According to a recent lawsuit filed by former Google engineer James Damore, Google’s definition of diversity is ‘women or individuals who were not Caucasian or Asian.'”

An updated complaint from plaintiff Damore’s class-action lawsuit against Google noted that the Internet giant reserves certain jobs specifically for “diverse individuals.”

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