8-Year-Old Boy Asks for Animal Shelter Donations Instead of Birthday Presents

A Colorado boy decided to have a different twist on his birthday party this year by requesting that all his guests bring donations to be given to an animal shelter instead of toys.

Sloan Perry, 8, was brainstorming ideas with his mother about what he would like to do for his birthday when the idea came up.

“I just thought of the Dumb Friends League, and just wanted to do it,” he told KDVR. “I asked for dog and cat food donations, and blankets.”

Sloan also put out a donations jar at the party.

“It makes me feel good,” he says. “I feel good inspiring other people.”

Sloan’s gesture took staff members at the shelter by surprise when he dropped off the donations.

“Most kids are going to ask for things for themselves for their birthday, especially when they’re turning 8,” says Dumb Friends League PR Manager Maia Brusseau. “To be so selfless, and want to help something or someone else is amazing.”

Sloan’s mother, Emily, is an active volunteer at the Dumb Friends League and says she had been bringing him with her to the shelter since he was a toddler. The family adopted both a dog and a horse through the center.

So far, Sloan has raised $1,520 and a full car of supplies for the shelter. Those interested in donating to the shelter can do so here.

Sloan is not the first eight-year-old to host a birthday party for animals in shelters.

An eight-year-old girl in Michigan asked for animal shelter donations instead of typical birthday presents in 2016, and another eight-year-old boy in Maine asked for animal shelter donations instead of traditional birthday presents as well in 2019.


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