Four Held After Man Shot Dead In London Police Raid

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Four men have been arrested after a man was shot dead during an “intelligence led” police operation in London.

Witnesses said the man was shot as he sat in a black Audi in Bracknell Close in the neighbourhood of Wood Green.

One witness told Sky News: “The police all come down, they all jumped out of their cars and said ‘get down’.

“There was a smash and then the gunshot went off. And then, by that time, police officers grabbed us to move us out of the way.”

Scotland Yard have said the operation is not related to terrorism, but is instead linked to a plot “to facilitate the escape of an individual from lawful custody”.

Another witness, Donald Campbell, 57, told The Telegraph: “We were in the process of laying Tarmac. I was sitting in the lorry and I saw this flash of light in my wing mirror and heard a loud bang.

“The police dragged him out of the car and turned him over. It all happened in seconds.

“I think they shot him in his car and then pulled him out.

“I heard a lot of shouting, they were obviously warning him. My colleague saw them smash the window first.

“Police were up on the balcony opposite it and shouted for me to move.

“Police then moved in in 4x4s. Obviously he had a gun otherwise police wouldn’t have shot him.

“I think he, the dead man, was waiting for someone to come down the road but the police were clearly waiting for him. They knew what was going on.”

A spokesman for London’s Metropolitan Police said: “Officers from the Met Police Organised Crime Command and Specialist Firearms Operational Command Unit this morning arrested four men as a result of a pre-planned intelligence led operation.

“Two of the men were arrested in the area of Bracknell Close, Wood Green.

“They have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to facilitate the escape of an individual from lawful custody. There were two further related arrests.

“The four men arrested are at separate London police stations, and we are not prepared to provide any further information as to where.

“During the operation in Bracknell Close a man was shot, and has subsequently died.”