Poll: Hungary Rejects The Claim That Democracy Equals Mass Migration

Sean Gallup/Getty

The majority of people in Hungary reject the European Commission’s claims that democracy means welcoming mass migration, a new poll shows.

A fresh poll by the Hungarian Nézőpont (Viewpoint) Institute shows that a considerable majority — 77 per cent of respondents said they opposed the European Union’s (EU) mandatory resettlement quota of migrants, with only 23 per cent in favour.

The poll comes after Hungarian leader Viktor Orban announced he would be staging a national referendum on the EU’s plans later this year. Based on the Budapest think tank’s poll result, the Fidesz government’s referendum will be a success, and will reject the European Union’s forced relocation of migrants.


Nézőpont Institute/Hungarytoday.hu

However, despite the results, Breitbart London reported that the EU slammed the proposed referendum, claiming that holding a democratic vote would not “fit into the decision-making process” agreed by EU states.

Mr. Orban has justified taking the decision to a referendum on the basis of the permanent changes that are being caused to European demographics by the migrant crisis. He told journalists: “We cannot make decisions over people’s heads that will significantly change their lives and those of future generations.

“The quota would change the profile of Hungary and Europe: ethnically, culturally, and religiously. My decision is not directed against Europe. It is a decision to protect European democracy”.

Mr. Orban laughed off the prospect of EU sanctions against Hungary if they didn’t accept the migrants, citing the long and difficult decision making process, and the fact that commencing the punishment would require the accession of all European States.

The poll also asked questions on a number of other topics such as whether or not to instate fees for visits to doctors and daily hospital treatment, to which a majority of 82 percent and 84 per cent, respectively, voted no.


Nézőpont Institute/Hungarytoday.hu

With regards to political party preference, 30 per cent said they support the Fidesz-Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) coalition.  Yet non-voteres and others account for 37 per cent.

The second largest party, Jobbik, polled at  12 per cent; followed by the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) at nine per cent; centre-left Democratic Coalition (DK) at five per cent; Együtt (Together)  — a social liberal coalition  — at two per cent; Dialogue for Hungary (PM)  — a green liberal party  —  at one per cent; and finally the Hungarian Liberal Party at three per cent.