Iraqi Sunnis Accuse Shiite Militias of Torturing Locals During Fallujah Battle

IRAQ, Karbala : Iraqi women and children, who fled Fallujah, sit in the back of a truck as they wait at an army checkpoint at Ayn al-Tamer crossing at the entrance to Karbala province on January 6, 2014. Buses and cars carrying families fleeing the fighting in Fallujah and Ramadi …

ABC Australia reports: Sunni politicians in Iraq have accused pro-Government Shiite militias of torturing local Sunni men as they close in on Islamic State (IS) fighters in Fallujah.

The allegations have been denied, but the row highlights the deep sectarian divide that threatens to undermine the fight against IS, even as Government troops make important headway against the extremists.

The latest claims emerged after an unverified mobile phone video was broadcast by a Sunni-run TV station, known for attacking the Shiite-dominated Government in Baghdad.

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