Islamic State Propaganda Glorifies Last Moments of Suicide Bombers

suicide attacker
Abid Katib/Getty

TEL AVIV – A new video published by the Islamic State-affiliated Aamaq news agency shows the last moments of the terrorist group’s suicide bombers before attacks on Iraqi forces in Mosul.

The video was uploaded to YouTube but has since been removed.  In the video, a rocket launcher can be seen on a car bomb the group is planning to explode inside an Iraqi army target.

The narrator of the video tells the audience how the difficult terrain and fighting conditions “require our fighters to demonstrate creativity. An anti-tank missile system is placed on the roof of the vehicle and can be controlled by the steering of the vehicle.”

The suicide attacker setting out on his mission fires rockets along the route until he arrives with his vehicle to the designated destination and blows himself up with the car bomb.

The narrator explains how the innovations and developments are a strategic need for the Islamic State group. The suicide bomber himself receives a moment of glory in the video when he sends a message to the organization’s fighters, saying that “within a few days, we will win in just a few days.”

The narrator adds, “Military commentators have referred to the new attack as a threat to the Iraqi forces who have begun to increase the gaps between the soldiers in the field in order to reduce casualties.”

The Palestinian jihadist Abu Baker Almaqdesi, who fought in the ranks of the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq before returning to the Gaza Strip after being wounded during fighting in Iraq, told Breitbart Jerusalem that IS fighters in the field are capable and have vision.

“In addition, the organization’s internet staff are always inviting supporters of the Islamic State throughout the world to submit proposals and ideas on how to improve the fighting capabilities of our brothers, the mujahedeen. The state of the Caliphate has supporters who are or were officers in different armies in the Arab world and outside of it, and these do not spare our brothers their ideas that could help them improve their capabilities in dealing with the infidels trying to defeat the Islamic State.”

Almaqdesi also said, “The organization’s UAV system will only improve and I have no doubt that the brothers will use it not only in battles in Syria and Iraq. This is expected to be a central tool in the not-too-distant-future in our war against the infidels, but this time it is also used in the countries of the infidels.”


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