GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Islamic State Severs Syrian Man’s Foot for Theft After Taking his Hand in Previous Conviction

TEL AVIV -- The Islamic State group has published a …

TEL AVIV — The Islamic State group has published a series of photos showing the implementation of Sharia law against a Syrian civilian who was convicted twice for theft.

Warning: The following photos contain graphic imagery.

According to the group’s release, IS affiliate Khaled Bin Waleed, which is active in the triangle area between the borders of Israel, Jordan and Syria, arrested the man for theft. Upon his arrest, it emerged that he was a resident of the town of Tsil near the city of Dara, the largest district in southern Syria along the border with Israel.

The convicted man can be seen in the photos being transferred in a jeep belonging to the organization bearing the words, “General Police.” Masked men lead the man to a square in front of a crowd. In the photos, the man can be seen with his right hand missing as the result of punishment after his first conviction, though it was unclear when this took place.

The masked men carry out the sentence by cutting off the man’s left foot. After the maiming, men described as medics from the organization approach to tend to the severed limb.

But IS, as usual, also highlighted so-called life as normal under the rule of the Caliphate. The organization published photos from the district of Kirkuk in Iraq showing the city of Hweija, focusing on the life in vibrant life in the city’s markets.

Elsewhere, the organization’s propagandists showed IS operatives handing out flour to the needy as well as removing the rubble from homes that were damaged as a result of international coalition airstrikes in the area of Raqqa.

In another place, the Islamic State group released photos of its fighters purportedly capturing a Kurdish base where IS claims U.S. soldiers are usually based. According to IS’ report, a number of suicide bombers took control of the Kiwan base that belonged to the Iraqi air force.

The organization released the names of the five suicide bombers who, according to the report, were all Iraqis and claimed that they attacked the bases near the city of Kirkuk a few days ago. According to the report from IS the suicide bombers exchanged heavy fire with Kurdish and American forces for over two hours before blowing themselves up.



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