Indian Media Focus on Israel’s Irrigation Technology as PM Modi Visits Jewish State

FILE - In this May 1, 2014 file photo, irrigation water runs along the dried-up ditch between the rice farms to provide water for the rice fields in Richvale, Calif. The federal government will be pouring nearly a quarter-billion dollars into several dozen projects aimed at tackling the effects of …
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

The Algemeiner reports: Helping India to secure a reliable and efficient supply of clean water is one of the major goals of Indian Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s historic 3-day official visit to Israel, which began on Tuesday.

“An arid country that has managed to turn into a horticultural wonderland, Israel is known for its cutting-edge irrigation technology,” The Economic Times of India noted in one of several reports and features in the Indian media on Israeli water technology. “And PM Modi is likely to bring that technology and expertise to India.”

The article emphasized the difference that Israeli technology can make to India’s rural areas.  “Israel is already helping Indian farmers grow better produce with cost-efficient means,” it said. “Under the India-Israel Agriculture Project, Israel has been setting up centres of excellence in agriculture since 2008. Out of the proposed 26 such centres, 15 have already been set up.”

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