WATCH: Arabian Fights – Saudi Prince Arrested After Viral Video Shows Him Beating Civilians

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman ordered the arrest of a prince after video emerged of the young royal delivering vicious beatings to men and women.

The footage went viral and came to the attention of the Saudi King, who issued an immediate warrant for Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud’s arrest. Everyone involved in the sickening verbal and physical attacks were also arrested, charged and held.

Citizens were left with blood dripping from their mouths and wounds on their faces as Prince Saud appears to wave a gun at the camera and punches a man repeatedly in the head before sitting in a car waving a gun around.

Other clips show citizens being hit in the head, having rifles pointed at them and one shows a group of women being abused. One clip, viewed more than 760,000 times, also shows 18 bottles of Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky displayed on a table and a wad of cash.

The sale and consumption of alcohol in Saudi Arabia is forbidden.

Arab News reports the Saudi king’s orders state that none of the accused are released until the testimonies of the victims and violators are heard, and a court ruling is issued.

The king’s orders stressed that the law must apply to everyone, and that equal protection to all is granted under the law, regardless of their status.

The arrest follows the detention of a young woman in Saudi Arabia on Monday for wearing “suggestive clothing” after a Snapchat video emerged of her wearing a miniskirt.

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