EXCLUSIVE – Roy Moore’s Former Longtime Secretary: ‘I Don’t Believe Any of This’

Former Alabama Chief Justice and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore speaks at an event at the
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Birmingham, ALABAMA — Delbra Adams, Roy Moore’s former longtime secretary and judicial assistant, says that in 13 years of working for the senatorial candidate she never saw or experienced any inappropriate conduct toward women.

Adams was working in Moore’s law office during the period that a new accuser claims that he groped her in the same office in 1991 after a meeting. Her desk was right outside his office door at the time.

“I think he is a good man,” Adams told Breitbart News in an interview. “I don’t believe any of this. I don’t believe it until somebody actually proves it to me. But I never saw anything like that out of him.”

Asked whether she saw or experienced any inappropriate conduct on the part of Moore at any time, Adams replied, “No. None.”

She further stated that she is surprised by the allegations against her former boss.

Adams started working for Moore in 1987 while he was in private practice. She followed him to his new stint as an Etowah County Circuit Judge and continued to work for Moore as a judicial assistant until he was sworn in as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in January 2001.

Adams’ initials – D.A. – have become part of the story involving the allegations against Moore. Adams signed her initials alongside a stamp of Moore’s signature on the 1999 divorce document for Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson.

Nelson and her attorney, activist Gloria Allred, have faced questions for failing to disclose at a press conference earlier this week that Moore’s stamped signature is on her 1999 divorce document. Allred and Moore used the press conference to claim that Moore sexually assaulted Nelson in his car in December 1977 or early January 1978 when she was a 16-year-old high school student.

Alongside Moore’s signature on Nelson’s divorce document is Adams’ initials. Adams explained it is normal procedure for a clerk to initial a stamped signature on a legal document to verify that the stamp is authentic.

The signature and Adams’ initials are relevant because Nelson has produced a 1977 yearbook which she says was signed by Moore at the time as “Roy Moore DA” and not just “Roy Moore.”

At the time, Moore was an assistant district attorney. “Roy Moore DA” was the way Nelson’s undisclosed divorce document was signed, with the “DA” initialized by Adams next to Moore’s stamped signature.

At the press conference, Nelson and Allred presented a photocopy of the yearbook with an inscription that reads: “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say, ‘Merry Christmas.’ Love, Roy Moore DA, 12-22-77, Olde Hickory House.”

Moore’s attorney has given Allred 48 hours to release to the custody of an independent examiner the original copy of the yearbook. The yearbook contains the only piece of physical evidence to be presented in the cases of numerous women who have gone public with stories alleging inappropriate conduct between Moore and teenage girls.

Allred has said that she and her client would only agree to the examination of the yearbook by “an independent expert or experts” after a U.S. Senate committee agrees to initiate a hearing into the Moore accusations.

Meanwhile, a new accuser went public yesterday claiming that Moore groped her in 1991 at his private law practice on Third Street in Gadsden, Alabama. Adams worked in Moore’s office at the time. Tina Johnson was 28 years old at the time she claims Moore grabbed her buttocks. “He didn’t pinch it; he grabbed it,” Johnson told AL.com.

Moore has strenuously denied the numerous accusations against him.

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