Latest Threat from Gaza After Fire Kites: Flaming Balloons

A protester holding a Palestinian flag flashes the victory sign for a photographer during a protest at the Gaza Strip border with Israel, in eastern Gaza City, Wednesday, April 4, 2018. A leading Israel human rights group urged Israeli forces in a rare step Wednesday to disobey open-fire orders unless …
AP/Khalil Hamra

The Times of Israel reports: A series of fires broke out on Monday in southern Israel, apparently as a result of flaming objects flown over the border from the Gaza Strip.

During recent clashes on the Gaza border, Palestinians have adopted a new tactic of sending blazing kites into Israel, sparking fires in nearby agricultural lands. In a first, helium-filled balloons carrying flaming material were used to start a number of Monday’s blazes, according to Hebrew media reports.

As a result of the fires, hundreds of dunams (dozens of acres) of wheat fields were burned. There were no reports of injuries.

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