Israeli Planes Strike Dozens of Gaza Terror Targets After Projectiles Fired into Israel

Israeli warplane

The Times of Israel reports: The Israeli military struck targets in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in response to an early morning barrage of at least 28 mortar shells from Gaza at communities in southern Israel, with the Hamas terror group identifying one of the targets as its training facility.

The military said 35 targets were struck by warplanes operating over the Strip. Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said the military struck a tunnel as well as “terror targets” in a “massive and strong” retaliatory attack.  “Hamas and Islamic Jihad are paying the price and we’ve only starting settling accounts,” he said in a tweet.

The strikes came shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had vowed to respond “with great force” to the mortar shells, one of which landed just outside a kindergarten less than an hour before children were due to arrive. The military said the tunnel that was struck extended from Rafah in Egypt through Gaza and into Israel. They described it as a “unique” attack tunnel.

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