Pulitzer-Winning Photo Tells Other Side of LA Times Story

Pulitzer-Winning Photo Tells Other Side of LA Times Story

This photo, taken on December 6, 2011 by Massoud Hossain in Kabul, Afghanistan, recently won a Pulitzer Prize. The “Girl in the Green Dress” still suffers physicallyand emotionally from that day when she lost 7 of her 17 relatives and more than 70others were killed.

The LA Times had no trouble running photos taken two years ago of our soldiers posing with the body parts of a Taliban suicide bomber. But to be “fair and balanced,” shouldn’t they haverun this photo alongside it? Of course not. They would never consider comparing horrific scenes such as are depicted in this prize-winning photo with those of the “bad behavior” of our military.

I would guess that more Americans are aware of Abu Ghraib, Marines urinating ondead bodies, soldiers burning Korans, and the alleged killing rampage committedby another American soldier than know about what happened on that day to the girl in the green dress and her family.

Have we become immune to atrocities committed in the name of Islam while, by comparison, we obsess over the less monstrous actscommitted by our military? Or is it our main stream media that has the obsession?

I am not trying to justify the “bad behavior” of our military.  I am pointing out thatthe outrage of the mainstream media over it  seems designed to make America the bad guy, while horrific, heinous, monstrous, execrable acts committed by our enemies get a pass.

Certainly it seems we as a country are held to a higher standard than the rest of theworld, and of course the “bad behavior” of our military needs to be reported. But at the sametime, I do not believe there is enough attention given to events such as occurred on theday of “The Girl in the Green Dress.”

And what is the Muslim world doing to stamp out the mass murder of innocentwomen and children by way of jihadist violence? What are they doing to stop theviolence in Afghanistan and Iraq and the rest of the world?

Why can’t the Muslim countries unite, form a coalition, use their billions of dollarsto suppress the violence and silence the Taliban? They could also help Afghanistanmine its huge concentration of rare earth elements; all it would take is money andtechnology, which they could provide. The only answer I can think of is that they justdon’t care enough. They just sit back and watch.