Islamist Terrorism Expert: State Dept Funding Madrasas in Nigeria

Islamist Terrorism Expert: State Dept Funding Madrasas in Nigeria

On Sunday, the Director of Westminster Institute, a research organization which focuses on threats from extremism and radical ideologies, stated on Breitbart News Sunday that the US has a “misguided” government policy, which advocates that, by negotiating with so-called non-violent Islamists, we can stave off violent Islamists.

Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon sat down with the institute’s Executive Director Katherine Cornell Gorka, who wrote, Al Qaeda and the Battlefield of Ideas. Bannon submitted that the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda have the same goals, but Al Qaeda wants to “get it on right now” and take terrorism to the streets, as Breitbart contributor Kerry Pickett recounted in her appearance on the broadcast and in her reporting over the weekend for Breitbart News Network. Bannon stated that the political component of Islamism, the Muslin Brotherhood, is more patient and is willing to wait until “they purified themselves and God’s on their side.

Essentially, the Muslim Brotherhood has done a fantastic job in putting out an “information campaign to convince the West that we have to work with them,” Gorka submitted. She asserts that the Muslim Brotherhood has published enough articles and books supporting their own legitimacy and the significance of their ideas that our mainstream media has fallen prey to their propaganda.

According to Gorka, our policies toward the Islamists have really been driven by a leftist “Social Movement Theory.” The thrust of the theory, Gorka states, is “that anybody who engages in a collective action is legitimately oppressed and therefore we should look at ways at how they can rise up and fight the oppressor.” The Islamist extremism expert points out that, with this type of mindset, one can understand how it influenced our decisions in obvious places like Syria and Egypt, and how it was complicit in the chaos that beset the region. But “equally disturbing and destructive,” according to Gorka, are the less talked about areas such as Nigeria. Bannon pointed out that one hundred Christians were killed by Islamists just this weekend in Nigeria.

Moreover, the Islamist expert lamented, “What people don’t know is that our government through USAID is pouring millions of dollars into Northern Nigeria funding madrasas, in the belief that if we could just provide education and opportunities this would all go away. That comes out of ‘Social Movement Theory.'” Gorka thinks that the State Department has a “deep seated belief that the reason there is a conflict is that the Muslims in the North are beleaguered; they don’t have enough opportunities and are impoverished. Therefore they are having this uprising.” Gorka argues that to look at the conflict from this perspective is a complete disservice to every other impoverished person in Nigeria who does not turn to jihad because they do not have opportunities.