Pro-Russians in Kharkiv Announce Independence from Ukraine

Pro-Russians in Kharkiv Announce Independence from Ukraine

Russian media is reporting pro-Russians in Kharkiv declared independence from Ukraine and formed the Independent People’s Republic of Kharkiv. From Russia Today:

Activists in second-largest Ukrainian city of Kharkov have proclaimed the creation of a People’s Republic independent from the coup-imposed Kiev authorities, Itar-Tass reports. A group of local “deputies” have proclaimed they have taken all the responsibility for government activity in the eastern Ukrainian city, the agency said.

The move was proclaimed near the building of Kharkov regional administration, where massive pro-Russian rallies have been held.

All the further decisions will be made by the people of the region in the form of a referendum, the activists have announced.

Earlier on Monday, pro-Russians in Donetsk announced the region is now the Donetsk People’s Republic. These protesters captured the administration building on Sunday after the pro-Russians held another rally over the weekend. The city’s Lenin Square has held protests almost weekly since the new government in Kyiv ousted Russia-backed president Viktor Yanukovych. On March 13, pro-Ukrainians protested at Lenin Square, but it got violent when pro-Russians attacked them. Two people died and 11 were sent to the hospital.

Luhansk is also experiencing protests from pro-Russians who captured Ukraine’s security services building on Sunday. The protesters demanded the release of fifteen people who were arrested on suspicions of overthrowing authorities in Luhansk.

Christopher Miller at The Kyiv Post tweeted there were shots fired in Mykolaiv. Breitbart News will update when more information is available.