UN Official Tells Students to Take Over UN Buildings

UN Official Tells Students to Take Over UN Buildings

A high-ranking UN official told students last week that they ought to take over UN buildings.

Kate Gilmore, Deputy Executive Director of the billion-dollar UN Population Fund (UNFPA) said this to students gathered to participate in the UN Commission on Population and Development, an annual negotiation of UN member states that tends to be flooded with hard-left advocacy groups.

Gilmore said, “…from Tahrir Square to Occupy Wall Street to every movement from Cairo to capital cities… we are seeing young people saying political systems are not serving them.”

She went on to attack “old people:”

For myself, I don’t feel that what is lacking is the incompetency of young people; it’s the incompetency of old people. I myself don’t believe so much that we have to persuade, or young people have to persuade old people. Old people have to get out of the way. I myself believe the ineffectiveness is solely the responsibility of old people.

She continued:

We won’t get there without young people being in participation, but it’s not about teaching them, not about creating mechanism, not about anything other than power! And power shifting that needs to shift urgently and with acceleration to youth leadership. And we don’t want you all becoming nice diplomats in the UN. On the contrary, you should be occupying the United Nations.

Gilmore was referring to the massive demonstrations in lower Manhattan that resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and massive criminality, including drug abuse and even rapes. She told the students the issue at the UN was not about youth participation, teaching, or “creating mechanism, not about anything other than power.”

Gilmore knew she was being controversial: “I know that it’s tough, and I know that I’m at risk of sounding disrespectful. If I am being disrespectful, I can’t apologize because it wouldn’t be sincere.”

The UN met last week to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the highly controversial International Conference on Population and Development (Cairo, 1994) at which the sexual left, led by then-First Lady Hillary Clinton, attempted to gain an international right to abortion. The effort was blocked by the Vatican, led by soon-to-be saint Pope John Paul II, and a coalition of pro-life governments.

Since Cairo, the left has tried to gain back what they lost back then. The just-concluded commission was yet another attempt, but not only did they not gain a right to abortion, they lost on new things like “sexual rights” and specific rights based on “sexual orientation and gender identity,” both of which were rejected by wide margins of negotiators.

Negotiators from poor countries expressed ongoing frustration that the industrial countries are focused so much on sexual matters when what’s needed for development are basic things like clean water, safe sanitation, and basic medical care.

The document under negotiation was also supposed to inform the negotiations for a new set of international development goals to replace the sun-setting Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs were silent on reproductive health and rights, and it looks as if the new Sustainable Development Goals will be, too.

Eyewitnesses tell Breitbart News that when the meeting ended at 5 a.m. last Saturday morning at UN headquarters in New York, Gilmore and her allies in the US and European delegations were visibly agitated that they had lost yet again.


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