Castle That Inspired 'Dracula' for Sale

Castle That Inspired 'Dracula' for Sale

BRASOV, Romania, May 12 (UPI) —
The castle that inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula, formally known as Bran Castle, is up for sale.

Bram Stoker never actually went inside the castle while writing the 18th century horror novel, but it’s the setting he chose as the home of the mythical Count Dracula. Dracula was loosely based on Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes, who lived in the region during the 15th century and was infamously known for drinking the blood of his victims. Tepes never lived in the manor, but it is said that he may have been imprisoned there for a few months.

The castle is currently owned by the Habsburg royals, Dominic, Maria Magdalena and Elizabeth. Due to their advanced age, the family said they feel they can’t run the property any longer. Mark Meyer, the lawyer for the estate, told the Telegraph that serious offers will be considered.

Potential buyers need to be ready to make some 21st century updates. The horrific home has 57 rooms, but no bathrooms. Meyer refused to name a price, but the home has previously been on the market for as much as $135 million. It is currently Eastern Europe’s biggest tourist destination, it sees around 560,000 tourists a year. The Habsburgs would like it to remain a tourist destination, but brought into the 21st century.