Palestinians, Iranians, and Syrians Extend Israel a Hand

Palestinians, Iranians, and Syrians Extend Israel a Hand

Between the international press, New York Times, and the Obama administration, it’s easy to believe that Israel doesn’t have many friends. However, a new social media campaign reveals that the Jewish State has worldwide support, even in places notorious for their disdain for Jews and their homeland.

The pro-Israel education group StandWithUs has recently launched a “Passport Campaign” that asks supporters of the Jewish State to post a photo of their passport, revealing their country of residence, and a message of support written on their hand. Launched on July 10, the solidarity effort has resulted in nearly 1,200 responses from over 100 countries, with more statements of support posted every day.

“The battle for public opinion and support is Israel’s second frontline. This creative campaign allows people to show their support for Israel and is a huge boost for Israelis who are living under fire and are sending their young people to the frontline,” said Michael Dickson, Director of StandWithUs Israel. “We have been amazed by the level of support for Israel from all over the world.”

Solidarity with Israel is coming in from all over the world. But shockingly, many supporters are risking their lives by publicly declaring their “stand with Israel.”

Passports are pouring in from Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, Lebanon, and Syria–nations in which support for Israel is considered treason punishable by death.

One Israel advocate from Afghanistan wrote:

We love Israel for defending their people and punish [sic] these Hamas Terrorists. Imagine if Hamas had the same power as Israel, Hamas would have killed the entire Israeli populations. So here’s my passport to say thank you for standing against Hamas and removing the threats of rocket attack towards Israeli civilians. All Afghanistanis are with Israel at this very important time. God bless Israel. We feel your pain, we have lived under their regime during the fascist Taliban.”

Ahmad, an Egyptian passport holder, created a video message staunchly declaring his support for the Jewish State.

Most intriguing, indeed mind-boggling to our friends in the mainstream media, is support from the Palestinian territories.

“It’s amazing how this campaign has allowed so many people to connect and show their support for Israel. It has also allowed people in the Arab world and people from countries who have no diplomatic relationship with Israel to make their support known,” Dickson said. “We were not surprised to receive a support photo from the Palestinian Authority; the truth is that many Palestinians are against Hamas and actually want the IDF to put an end to their rule.”

What the current StandWithUs campaign demonstrates is that people in traditionally anti-Semitic parts of the world understand the truth behind the horrific anti-Israel media reports coming out of Gaza: that Hamas’ campaign against Israel is driven by a hatred and and inhumanity so virulent that no amount of Palestinian bloodshed is too high a price for Hamas to pay for death to the Jews. 

The worldwide supporters of Passport Campaign understand this truth with such clarity that they are willing to risk their lives to “Stand with Israel.”

Paul Miller is a contributor to the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity.