The Escalation Of Anti-Semitism In South Florida

The Escalation Of Anti-Semitism In South Florida

Anti-Semitism in South Florida has escalated over the lastseveral years, reaching levels that can no longer be ignored.

On December 30, 2008, approximately 300 pro-Palestinian/Hamassupporters took to the streets of Ft. Lauderdale, FL and were captured on filmby Tom Trento, Director of The United West.

In the video, Palestinian protestors were shouting, “Nuke NukeIsrael,” “Go back to the ovens, you need a big oven that’s what you need,” “Yourmother’s a whore”, “Go to hell, Israel,” and other epithets, to name only a few. Next, in the middle of all this mayhem, an Imam (Islamic religious leader) leadsthe protestors in their evening prayer rituals. After the prayer rituals are over the crowd moves in to physicallyattack the pro-Israel supporters across the street.  Mr. Trento writes, “If not for the few bravepolicemen and former Congressman Allen West, some of these wild Muslims wouldhave attacked innocent, elderly Jews and Christians and hurt them badly.”

 The white supremacists still hate the Jews of South Florida, butare afraid to come out into the light of day because society has shunned them– and rightfully so.  That doesn’t mean theanti-Semites have disappeared, however, not by a long shot.

The Sun Sentinel, October 6, 2011 reports, “In the SunshineState, the tally (anti semitic incidents) is 116, up from 90 in 2009. That putsFlorida, as in past years, among the top four states for Jew hatred, amongCalifornia, New York and New Jersey.” 

The New York Times reported on May 16, 2011, that aMiami Imam (Mosque Leader), Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan, and his two sons wereindicted for funneling funds to the Taliban. As a respected Imam, how many South Florida Muslims did he teach that theTaliban and Hamas were to be supported? It is this unquantifiable type of ‘community’ Jihadi political influencethat is an element of the increased aggressive anti-Semitism we are seeingtoday in South Florida.

It was no surprise then on June 15, 2013 that commuters traveling onI-95 in Delray Beach saw the word “JIHAD” spray painted in 15 foot letters on aconcrete wall for all commuters to see.

South Florida Anti Semitism escalated again with death threats,federal hate crime violations, assault, and battery against a Jewish cameramanon July 20, 2014 in Miami, FL legally filming a pro-Hamas rally.

I have been closely following Islamist activity in Florida for 13years and saw at least a dozen faces never seen before.  The ‘Uncles,’ or older Islamist activists, arebeing replaced with the next generation of south Florida Jihadis who appearmore aggressive and quick to violence. 

This new generation of Islamist activists in south Florida appearto be more vocal with their anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews & Israel. 

One week later, on July 28 a Miami Synagogue, Congregation TorahVe’emunah, was spray-painted with the words “Hamas” and the Swastikasymbols.  Several cars in the immediatearea were vandalized with with the words “Hamas”, “Jew”, covered with eggs andsmeared with cream cheese.

All of these examples of the rising levels of anti semitism inSouth Florida have one common denominator that is not in dispute.  These acts of anti semitism instill somelevel of fear for both Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of South Florida.

Confusing Mixed Messaging

The sponsors on the promotional flyer of the Pro Hamas rally lastweek where the Jewish cameraman was assaulted and his life threatened is animportant clue in explaining the increased anti semitism in South Florida.

Sorry to tell you this, but the Hamas rally sponsors– Council OnAmerican Islamic Relations, Islamic Circle of North America, Syrian AmericanCouncil of South Florida, American Muslim Foundation, AMANA, and AMER– promoteinterfaith dialogue in one breath and also promote the anti-Semitism caught onfilm at the recent violent Pro Hamas rally in Miami. 

How is the average person able to tell the good guy Hamassupporters from anti-Semite Hamas supporters? Since it is impossible to know what’s in a persons heart, one need lookno further than if a person supports CAIR, ICNA, or any of the other groupslisted above.

These Muslim groups support Hamas and Hamas supports thedestruction of Israel.  It is a logicalconclusion that if someone supports the destruction of Israel they are mostlikely anti Semitic.

These are difficult truths for the proponents of Interfaithdialogue to accept in their quest for peace in our time.  Unfortunately,  we must see the world as it is not as we wantit to be.