Netanyahu on Eve of Elections: No Palestinian Terror State on My Watch


Benjamin Netanyahu, the incumbent Prime Minister of Israel, told NRG news that there is no place for a Palestinian state in the world under current conditions, given its present leadership—making his position on the “peace process” crystal-clear just hours before Israelis are set to vote for the leadership of their next government.

“I think anyone who is going to establish a Palestinian state and to evacuate territory is to give radical Islam a staging ground against the State of Israel,” the Israeli Prime Minister explained. “This is the reality that has been created here in recent years. Anyone who ignores it has his head in the sand.”

The interviewer asked Netanyahu, “If you are a prime minister, there will be no Palestinian state?” “Indeed,” responded Netanyahu.

Netanyahu explained that during his tenure, he has refused to “give in” to international organizations and hostile states that have demanded Israel retreat to its 1967 borders—a position which many have deemed militarily indefensible. “We stood fast against huge pressure, and we will continue to do so,” he added.

Last week, Netanyahu expressed worry that a future Palestinian state, governed by its current leadership, would ultimately end up being heavily influenced by state sponsors of terror such as Iran or Sunni jihadi terrorist groups like the Islamic State.

“Any evacuated territory would fall into the hands of Islamic extremism and terror organizations supported by Iran. Therefore, there will be no concessions and no withdrawals. It is simply irrelevant,” the Israeli Prime Minister told a Likud Party rally last week.

The “two-state solution” for peace—which is the only platform largely supported by the international community—has shown to be a complete failure in securing peace for both Israel and the Palestinian people.

With the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords, Israel became the first country to give Palestinians self-governing land. In 2005, Israel forcibly removed all Jews from the Gaza Strip in exchange in hopes for peace. In both instances, and other “land for peace” endeavors, the result has always been the same: the creation of hostile Palestinian entities that have chosen to seek Israel’s destruction through militant conquest and delegitimization practices.


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