Saudi Female Student Kicked off Bus for Removing Veil

Bans Burqa
AP Photo

A male supervisor on a university bus forced a woman to step out because she took off her veil, despite the fact that only other women were seated with her on the bus. The bus was transporting home the female students from the Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University for Women.

A person uploaded a video of the incident on YouTube:

The supervisor demanded the girls give up the culprit, as he could not identify whose face he saw exposed once the girls all put their veils back up. He even told the bus driver to crank up the heat to force the girls to remove their veils. The girls immediately started to argue with him that Islam does not require the veil, but they stopped  speaking when he threatened to send them to the Ministry of Education to be expelled.

“My three friends and I always unveil our faces inside the bus,” said one of the girls. “We even sit at the very back so even the driver can’t see us. The supervisor spotted one of us without her face veil and went ballistic, yelling it is against the university’s regulations.”

The man then demanded four girls leave the bus.

“Four students were taken off the bus and had to follow the supervisor,” explained the student who filmed the incident. “He yelled at the driver as he was leaving to drop the girls home. Everyone was shocked about what happened and I rode another bus and asked him to drop me somewhere near my home. I then asked my mother to come and pick me up with a taxi.”

The university dress code does not specifically mention veils, but it “states all students are expected to wear appropriate dress and conform to the social norms of Saudi society.” The university is located in Riyadh, the country’s capital, which is one of the more conservative regions. The dress code in the region requires women to wear abaya, a full black cloak. The government expects women to cover their bodies from head to toe except for the eyes. Islamic scholars claim the practice exists in the Koran.