Palestinian Man Receiving Death Threats After Saving American Jews from Mob

Screen capture Channel 2
Washington, DC

A Palestinian man from Hebron has been bombarded by threatening messages after he saved five American Jews from a Palestinian lynch mob last week.

Faiz Abu Hamadiah came to the defense of the American Jewish students after the vehicle they were traveling in was bombarded by rocks and molotov cocktails, resulting in the automobile being set ablaze, and forcing the students to flee and expose themselves to the mob. Hamadiah gave the American Jews shelter while awaiting the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for security protection and an ambulance to treat their wounds.

The Palestinian mob was ready to lynch the American Jewish tourists before Hamadiah intervened, according to reports.

During an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 News late Sunday, Hamadiah said that fellow Palestinians threatened to “burn his house down” and “cut off his head” because of his actions, the Times of Israel reported.

In expressing that all should respect all of humanity, Hamadiah added, “I’m not a hero; this is what every person should have done. I did it because I’m a human being. With all my heart, I’m a man of peace.”

The Palestinian man said he was ready to use his machete to defend the students against intruders. “I was afraid… that men in ski masks would come and give us trouble. [But I knew I would defend them], even if it risked my life and the lives of my children,” he added, according to the Times of Israel translation.

“This is my worldview. Either you are human, or you don’t do it and then you aren’t human,” he added, saying that he was not worried about being called a “collaborator” by fellow Palestinian neighbors.