IDF Mum on Report Israeli Fighter Jets Hit Hezbollah, Assad Targets In Syria


Israeli fighter jets have carried out airstrikes in Syria against Hezbollah and forces loyal to the Assad regime, Syrian activists claimed.

“After several hours of reconnaissance flights above the area, Israeli planes suddenly launched two raids on a joint Assad forces and Hezbollah position in the Ras al-Maara mountains,” Al Souria Net reported.

Hezbollah, a Lebanon-based Shiite terror group that has pledged its loyalty to the Iranian regime, has worked in concert with the Syrian government to help President Bashar al-Assad retain his tyrannical rule. The group is a sworn enemy of the State of Israel, often pledging to eliminate the country and exterminate its Jewish inhabitants.

“This was immediately followed by a third raid that targeted a position in the Qara mountains,” the Al Souria report added. “The Israeli planes resumed their attacks with a fourth air raid after several minutes, targeting a Hezbollah position in western Qalamoun’s Flita Mountains.”

The report claims that the IAF fighter jet strikes resulted in the deaths of eight Hezbollah militants and five members of Assad’s Syrian Armed Forces.

“They also injured dozens [of regime and Hezbollah members], who were rushed to the Yabrud National Hospital. Four critical cases were also transferred to Nabk Hospital,” the report added, according to a translation by Now Lebanon.

Another opposition group reported on its Twitter feed Monday evening that Israeli planes had entered Syrian airspace.

An IDF spokesperson told Breitbart Jerusalem the army would not provide a statement on the matter.

Israel rarely confirms or denies overseas operations as a matter of policy. However, Jerusalem has continuously warned against weapons convoys transferring advanced armaments through Syria and into Hezbollah-held territory. Israeli leaders, such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have pledged not to let advanced weapons falls into the hands of regional terror groups.

Since the Syrian civil war broke out, several reports have come out related to Israeli air raids on Hezbollah, Iranian, and Syrian targets.

However, while the reported Israeli activity in Syria was occurring, Jerusalem did confirm that its fighter jets struck Hamas-affiliated targets in the Gaza Strip late Monday, in retaliation for rocket fire from the Palestinian enclave earlier that morning.


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