Report: Taliban Jihadists Debut Punk-Inspired Uniforms

Pakistani Taliban (TTP) out training in some new, not so cool, outfit. Not really sure what the 'no tension' is about.

Pakistani Taliban terrorists debuted new uniforms that mirror the style of Western punk rockers in a recently released propaganda video showing “martyrdom-seeking mujahideen” training at a “war college,” the Military Times reported this week.

The new outlet notes:

The Pakistani Taliban has debuted a new uniform that combines decades of punk rock, splashes of Gwen Stefani — and a dash of dominatrix.

Flawlessly blending a combination of camo pants, black shirts, fingerless leather gloves and a total disregard for parental authority, the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) strutted their stuff in a new training video featuring rocket-propelled grenades, white board instruction and standing around in mid-”La Macarena” poses.

TTP mujahideen or jihadists appear to have an affinity for costumes, as shown by the deadly December 2017 attack carried out in Pakistan’s Peshawar region by burqa-clad Taliban jihadists.

In the recent propaganda video, the terrorists are seen wearing identical T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “no tension” while practicing their skills with rocket-propelled grenades.

Military Times reports:

By tucking camo pants into knee-high white socks, TTP fighters now have greater aerodynamic maneuverability when firing RPGs, as well as the added flexibility required to break into an impromptu mosh-kick whenever No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” blares from the speakers of a gun-mounted Toyota pickup.

The propaganda video featuring the punk rock jihadists comes amid Ramadan, the holiest month for Muslims when jihadists encourage martyrdom as especially heroic, arguing that God exceptionally rewards the act during the period.

Although it has links to the Afghan Taliban, TTP is considered a separate group with a different leader.

TTP jihadist primarily focuses on carrying attacks on Pakistani soil. While Pakistan accuses Afghanistan of sheltering TTP, Kabul claims Islamabad provides sanctuary to the Afghan Taliban.

Pakistan, which has received tens of billions in American taxpayer funds to combat terrorism since the Afghan war began back in 2001, is currently building a fence along its border with Afghanistan to stop the flow of terrorists and criminals who across the porous 1,500-mile international boundary.