Hackers Post Anti-Government Messages on Iranian Airport Signs


A group of hackers opposed to the regime in Iran targeted sign boards at Tabriz International Airport for the second time in a week with a message opposing the country’s oppressive regime.

The group, which identifies itself as Tapandegan, meaning Palpitaters, took control of signboards to show support for Iranian truckers striking against depressed wages and rising business costs:

Attention, attention. We, Tapandegan, in another protest action, are currently taking control of the computer systems of this airport. Two weeks ago, in protest against the wastage of the Iranian people’s money and lives by (Iran’s) Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, we took control of the computer systems in Mashhad airport.

Today, by voicing our support for Iranian strikers, we are doing the same thing. Until when will this regime deprive people of their rights to have a better livelihood and economic situation?! Until when?! We will not choke off our voices. We will continue these actions. If you support us, take a photo of this and share it. #National_strike #Truckers_strike.

According to YJC, the message was displayed on the monitors for four minutes before airport authorities regained control. Law enforcement is now trying to determine whether the attack came from inside or outside the country.

In a message sent to journalists, the group claimed that they were also responsible for a similar hacking incident at Mashad Airport last month, criticizing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps for engaging in foreign conflicts costing thousands of lives in Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria.

“Two weeks ago, we took over the computer systems of Mashhad Airport in support of the national protests. We protested against wasting Iranian lives and assets by IRGC. And, today, we support the truck drivers, the bazar, and the strikers,” the group wrote. “They cannot shut us up any longer. We will keep carrying out actions like this.”

The group also called on the Iranian government “to improve the economy,” as the country’s economic strength continues to falter. The economy is expected to suffer further after President Donald Trump re-imposes sanctions lifted under Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

Dissidence against the Iranian regime came to a head in January as thousands of protesters took to the streets to oppose the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and demanding an end to the country’s hardline Islamic law.

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