China Trashes Biden Race Speech: ‘White Supremacy Is Carved in Their Genes’

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks at a rally during commemorations of the 100th anniversary
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

China’s state-run Global Times on Wednesday heaped disdain on U.S. President Joe Biden’s speech on the Tulsa Race Massacre, sneering that “white supremacy” is “carved in [America’s] genes” and has produced everything from “race massacres in the colonial era” to U.S. “geopolitical tactics in modern times.”

The editorial was solidly in sync with China’s new, and thus far successful, tactic of using the rhetoric of Biden’s Democrat Party against him on the world stage, citing the American Left’s unending critique of its own country to argue that America lacks the moral stature to complain about China’s human rights offenses.

Along those lines, the Global Times ran with Biden’s comments that the hundred-year-old Tulsa Race Massacre was among “the worst in history, but not the only one” to harp on the “racial inequality that grips U.S. society.” 

Unlike Democrat media organizations in the United States, the Global Times gave Biden no credit for discussing racial issues. On the contrary, the Communist paper claimed Biden was simply trying to distract from America’s moral inferiority to magnificent egalitarian countries like China:

However loudly Biden opposes white supremacy, he cannot hide the fact that white supremacy is the mainstream culture of the US and was formed by history, deeply ingrained in the social, economic, and political systems of the US, Tang Yingxia, vice director of the research center for human rights at Nankai University, told the Global Times.

Race massacre and slavery had existed since the colonial era with a demand for cheap labor, and the pseudo-science of racial superiority in the 19th century endorsed racial discrimination and became part of mainstream American culture, Tang said. 

“Biden’s speech on the Tulsa Race Massacre is more about politics than to correct mistakes. By making this ‘touching’ speech, the Democratic Party hopes to reap votes from ethnic minorities for the mid-term election. After the mass vaccination plan, the Biden administration needs to drive the domestic economy. This is why Biden mentioned the racial wealth gap, American Jobs Plan and Families Plan in the speech,” Zhu Ying, deputy director of the National Human Rights Education and Training Base of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, told the Global Times.

According to the Global Times, Biden’s Tulsa speech was just an attempt to claw back a little moral stature so America could keep unfairly criticizing China for its concentration camps, ethnic cleansing campaigns, tyrannical oppression of free speech and dissent, and actual slavery, which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) practices to this day.

The Global Times claimed “more international scholars and experts” are standing up to defend China against allegations of genocide (the exact opposite is true, which is why China is using every weapon at its disposal to silence the rising tide of global outrage) and insisted America should instead be the nation prosecuted in world courts for centuries-old acts of “genocide” instead of China getting hassled for the atrocities it is committing today.

The Global Times screed droned on for over a thousand words in that vein, lambasting American “hypocrisy” on human rights and insisting Biden’s speech in Tulsa is proof that America’s governing party knows their country lacks the moral stature to accuse anyone else of human rights violations. 

A few paragraphs along the way were devoted to a drive-by smearing of Australia, another persistent critic of Beijing’s atrocious actions and, of course, no Chinese Communist Party tirade against the Western world would be complete without a special guest appearance by Nazi Germany, coupled with the Global Times gleefully capitalizing on the current German government’s official apology this week for colonial massacres in Namibia over a hundred years ago.

People oppressed and killed by the communists would be well-advised not to hold their breath waiting for an apology or restitution, assuming they are still capable of breathing. As the Global Times editorial demonstrates, the Chinese Communist Party believes the Western world’s capacity for introspection is a profound weakness to be exploited. 

When introspection is twisted into politicized race-baiting campaigns like the one Biden’s party is conducting, the CCP will eagerly agree America is hopelessly and permanently corrupt, no matter which party holds the White House or Congress. Destroying the postwar America-led Western order is a top priority for China’s fascist government, and one of its crucial lines of attack is that American and European notions of human rights are merely a dishonest racket to keep China from ascending to the superpower status it deserves.


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