Exposed : The Pigford Con Game That's Ripped Off Thousands Of Black Americans

A North Carolina TV station’s report exposes a seldom discussed but wide-ranging fraud scandal involving the Pigford black farmers settlement.


As this recent story Wilmington North Carolina shows, there is an organized effort by some conmen to extract money from people by telling them that if they pay a small fee — in this case for notary services — they can be part of the Pigford suit that they’ve heard so much about. Many of these scams have gone unreported by news media doesn’t want to touch the third rail of American politics or doesn’t care that much about an issue that primarily affects black Americans.

The fact that such low-rent scams are often run out of black churches should be an affront to majority of God-fearing and ethical black Americans. Unfortunately, as we’ve pointed out in previous articles, even the high profile, self-styled “Black Farmer Advocates” such as Thomas Burrell and Dr. John Boyd also frequently use black churches as a cover for their slightly more sophisticated methods.

Furthermore, the biggest beneficiaries of the Pigford scandal have not been people collecting $50,000 checks. No, the real benefits have gone to the politicians and attorneys. I was at the Pigford 2 hearing in Washington DC and I got a chance to see the tables full of attorneys who would be divvying up what is estimated to be over $90 million in fees. For what it’s worth, they were mostly white, as is Pigford mastermind Al Pires.

In the past year and a half that Team Breitbart has been exposing the Pigford scandal, the response of the defenders of Pigford has been exactly what you’d expect — accusing us of racism. This echoes the response of charlatans like “Dr.” John Boyd, who have repeatedly accused anyone who dares bring up the scandal of being a racist. These baseless insults ignore the fact that countless thousands of black Americans have been victimized by Pigford swindlers who bait them with the lure of easy money and vague talk of reparations.

Ultimately, the only color that really matters in the Pigford scandal is green.


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