Today's Gas Prices Aren't Bush's or Iran's Fault: These Are Barack Obama's Gas Prices

During last night’s debate in Mesa, AZ, moderator CNN’s John King suggested Iran’s behavior was driving gas prices up, and asked the candidates how they’d deal with Iran in order to stabilize the price of petroleum. What an asinine question! Our gas-price problem isn’t because of Iran, rather, it’s because of Barack Obama. If we were drilling for our own oil, as Sarah Palin suggested in 2008 with “Drill Here, Drill Now,” it wouldn’t matter what Iran was doing with their crude, for we would be producing enough oil at home to drastically cut (and eventually eliminate) our use of foreign oil.

Seriously folks, King’s question struck me as way for him to lay down cover for Obama, who has spent his presidency looking for cover and scapegoats to explain away his failure. (Those aren’t my words alone – in a recent USAToday poll 50% of respondents said they’d rank Obama as a failure, while only 44% said he was a success.)

Obama was blaming Bush before Obama ever got elected. Surely you remember how the world’s low opinion of the U.S. was “Bush’s fault” and the failures of General Motors and Chrysler were “Bush’s fault” too (according to Obama, of course). And once he entered the White House, Obama kept pointing back to Bush every time something went wrong. Obama’s deficit spending in 2009 was “Bush’s fault,” the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 was “Bush’s fault,” and as recently as December 2011, the faltering economy Obama had spent 2 years and 11 months destroying was “Bush’s fault.”

Now the gas crisis we’re embarking upon is Iran’s fault? Sorry folks, but I’m not going to drink the Kool-Aid which John King and the rest of the Obama surrogates are trying to pass around.

Our gas prices are, at this very moment, bumping up against $6 a gallon in some parts of the country. It isn’t Bush’s fault, and it isn’t Iran’s fault either. Rather, it’s Obama’s fault for denying us the very crude that lies in rich deposits throughout the continental U.S., Alaska, and just off our shores. Keep that in mind when you fill your gas tank this week and in the weeks to come, and the price you pay for gasoline destroys your household budget.

Even if Iran cuts off all oil to our country, Obama is ultimately to blame for the jump in gasoline prices. From day one, he and those he has placed around him have done all they can to prevent us from drilling here, and drilling now.


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