Offense: Romney Touts His Private Sector Success

Offense: Romney Touts His Private Sector Success

Even those who only occasionally follow politics understand the the sum total of Barack Obama’s reelection effort is based on attacking Romney. Obama’s massive summer assault on Romney, whose only result has been to keep the race essentially tied, was focused primarily on Romney’s record at Bain Capital, the successful private equity firm he founded. Next week, the Democrats will hold their convention where they are expected to renew their attacks on Romney’s business record. The Romney campaign seems to be anticipating and preempting these attacks by announcing today a new effort highlighting his success in the private sector. 

The campaign unveiled the new effort this afternoon:

Romney for President today launched a new website,, so the American people can learn more about Governor Romney’s success in the private sector where he built, fixed and grew businesses. Voters can access this website to learn more about Governor Romney’s experience in the real world economy, and hear first-hand from people who worked with him and worked at the businesses he helped save. Governor Romney’s stellar business record provides him with the type of leadership experience we need to fix the failed Obama economy.

A senior Romney strategist told Breitbart News:

The Obama campaign is trying to smear Gov. Romney’s business record. The Governor is proud of his record in the private sector, which saved numerous companies from bankruptcy and created thousands of new jobs. When Americans learn the truth, they will reject Obama’s dishonest campaign. We are going to aggressively make sure they know the real facts. 

The Romney camp seems emboldened by its recent success on the Medicare issue. While most of the media assumed Ryan’s plan to reform Medicare would make the ticket toxic with senior, the Romney campaign surprised many observers by attacking Obama over his Medicare policies.  As a result, Romney has the edge with seniors. 

With a forceful defense of his business record, Romney could turn the tables here as well. 

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