'Boomtown' Special Angers, Resonates with Americans

'Boomtown' Special Angers, Resonates with Americans

Fox News will re-air “Boomtown” on Sunday at 9 p.m. EST and 9 p.m. PST. “Boomtown” is a one-hour investigative special that assails Washington, D.C.’s permanent political class for “extracting” taxpayer dollars from Americans and growing the size of government to enrich themselves and their cronies without creating anything of use. 

Fox News’ “Hannity” first aired the blockbuster special on Friday, and the show immediately resonated with viewers across the country. This is in part why Fox News is re-airing the one-hour special. 

On the show, Peter Schweizer, the president of the nonpartisan Government Accountability Institute (GAI), Steve Bannon, Breitbart News’ Executive Chairman, and Fox News host Sean Hannity detailed how Washington, D.C. has become the nation’s wealthiest and most lavish region. Their investigation concluded and revealed those in Washington’s permanent political class and aristocracy only have incentives to grow the size and scope of government to further enrich themselves and their cronies. 

Viewers expressed their outrage at the permanent political class on Twitter as they were watching the show. After the show, viewers sent heartfelt emails to GAI and Breitbart News. Many asked if the show would re-air and if they could purchase DVDs of “Boomtown.”

“May I purchase a DVD of the Hannity Special ‘Boomtown’?,” asked Linda. “Thank you for exposing this side of Washington!” Michael wrote he just saw the “stirring, courageous and, no doubt, future award-winning piece of investigative journalism.”

Another viewer, Charles, wrote to GAI that he wanted to “compliment Pete [Schweizer] and Steve [Bannon] on the great job they did last night on Hannity’s show.”

Charles wrote, “my wife and I (married 65 years) were so surprised” by the relationships between politicians and the lobbyists that “Boomtown” exposed. 

“We thought we had seen everything, but our eyes were opened,” he wrote.  

Carol wrote to GAI that “we most certainly need more GAIs with integrity in this great Capitol…Would one day enjoy a copy of your documentary to educate a chosen few….and to pass on wisdom.” 

Breitbart News also received heartfelt comments from middle class Americans who believe Washington does not serve their interests.  One viewer (“Blair S.”) wrote to thank Bannon. “Blair” said, “this is one of the most important things I have ever watched,” and “most of America is clueless about the elite political class.”

Another viewer wrote to say she felt her voice and concerns were being heard when she watched “Boomtown.”

“I so enjoyed but also hated everything I learned about Boomtown on Hannity last night,” she wrote to Breitbart News, adding that she felt her middle class lifestyle was being “assaulted” and had “no ability to tell the story.”

She simply thanked Bannon and Schweizer for “listening.”

On Twitter, one person, reflecting the sentiment on the social media network, tweeted “Boomtown” will make people “mad” and “angry.”

A conservative by the name of “Ginny” tweeted that she realized “wealth creation” in Washington, D.C. is simply “wealth extraction from us, the taxpayers.”

And a left-of-center editor at the Washington City Paper who rarely watches Fox News said he would record “Hannity” for the first time because he was so intrigued by the subject matter in “Boomtown.” 

As more people watch “Boomtown,” the show–and its subject matter–will resonate even more across the country, which is the first step in combating the the permanent political class and the venal mainstream media that enables their crony capitalism.  

“Nobody has ever turned a camera on them,” Bannon says in “Boomtown,” indicating he intends to change that in the future. “This is a permanent political class that has now formed an aristocracy. That’s why nothing has changed in Washington.”

Schweizer lamented the problem of crony capitalism will only get worse in the interim. 

“It’s a massive cultural problem in Washington, D.C.,” he says on the program. 

Hannity promised more investigations and segments with Bannon and Schweizer in the future. As more Americans watch “Boomtown,” they may likely demand more of such investigations and programs. 


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