ABC News Poll: Two-Thirds Oppose Individual Mandate

ABC News Poll: Two-Thirds Oppose Individual Mandate

Tuesday’s ABC News poll holds no good news for President Obama, and no real new news. The fact that Obama’s approval ratings are plummeting has only been further confirmed by this poll, as have the collapse of his favorability ratings and public support for ObamaCare. What is of note, though, is that 65% now oppose what is the heart and soul of ObamaCare, the individual mandate.

ObamaCare supporters in the media are on a rampage today to spread the news from a National Journal poll that shows that a majority do not yet want ObamaCare repealed. Only 38% want repeal, while 35% are in “wait and see” mode. However, only 23% want more money invested into the program to ensure its success.

While the National Journal numbers allow the media to write headlines that say “Majority Oppose ObamaCare Repeal,” that must be cold comfort. It’s a narrative built on sand. The “wait and see” deadline is fast approaching. At the most, the White House has until the end of March to get the website working and reach its own modest goal of seven million enrollments. If that plan doesn’t come together, you can bet that the “wait and See” will move to “repeal.”

And with only 23% willing to further invest in making ObamaCare work, there is no room for error. The public has no stomach for doubling down on failure.

Regardless, we already have two-thirds of the American people opposed to the individual mandate, which is the heart and soul of ObamaCare. If the individual mandate is repealed, that is effectively repealing ObamaCare.

Also, if opposition to the individual mandate is this high now, what will it look like in ten days when the deadline to fix the website isn’t met? What will it look like on March 31, the end of the enrollment period, if the enrollment numbers come up short?

Opposition to the individual mandate is likely to hit critical mass in the spring of 2015 and 2016, when voters get hit with fines for not enrolling for insurance they cannot afford and do not want.


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