'Knockout Game' Thrives Where Gun Control Has Disarmed Citizens

'Knockout Game' Thrives Where Gun Control Has Disarmed Citizens

As videos of the “Knockout Game” spread across the Internet and news outlets, the media is underreporting one important fact–the game thrives in cities where gun control has disarmed its citizens. In fact, the game began in places with some of the most stringent gun control in the country–NYC and New Jersey. 

The “Knockout Game” is a “game” in which teens walk up to a stranger on a sidewalk or in an alley and try to knock the stranger out with one punch. CBS aired videos of gangs of black New Jersey teens punching random victims–black and white, male and female–all of whom were knocked out cold and left lying on the ground while their attacker fled.  

The attacker “scores” if he successfully knocks the victim out with one punch. 

This “game” has spread from from NYC and New Jersey to other cities like Chicago and Washington, D.C. Fox News reports that some of the attacks have left their victims dead. 

Thus far, gun control is a commonality between the attacks and the cities in which they are happening. It appears the attackers are choosing victims in cities where both the victim and bystanders lack the ability to be armed in self defense. 

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