New Obamacare Report: The Nightmare Has Just Begun

New Obamacare Report: The Nightmare Has Just Begun

Conservatives don’t just oppose Obamacare as a matter of policy – we oppose it as a matter of principle. The federal government was not designed to function as a central planner for any segment of the U.S. economy, much less the whopping one-sixth of it driven by health care. 

That President Obama thinks it can and should is a demonstration of hubris that would undoubtedly make our Founding Fathers wonder if history has taught us anything at all.

That we have a President and ruling party that sees nothing wrong with a government takeover of this magnitude is a fact that should concern every American. Your liberty is at stake. If Obamacare is fully implemented you can no longer choose which health care coverage to buy because the government says you must buy a plan that it has designed.

That the government shouldn’t be trying to take over 1/6th of our economy is more than evident in the moving train wreck that is the Obamacare rollout. Millions of Americans are losing the insurance they depended on and being forced to buy policies they can’t possibly afford. As this parade of horribles progresses, it’s no wonder that Obamacare becomes ever more unpopular with the public.

In response to the outrage, President Obama has enacted several unilateral administrative measures to delay or change Obamacare, which include extending the 2014 enrollment period, attempting to reinstate dropped insurance plans, and delaying the start of 2015 enrollment until after the 2014 elections are over. What you are witnessing is a President in denial, because none of these band-aids will hold for long or amount to much.

President Obama can try to circumvent Congress and the will of the people, but he cannot prevent the inevitable – Obamacare will only get worse. When that disaster hits full-bore, you can expect liberals – maybe even Obama himself – to suggest a truly socialized, single-payer health care system like the ones in Europe. Liberals will present it as a fix to an Obamacare undermined by Tea Party conservatives out to spite Obama himself. This is the next fight – mark my words – if Obamacare isn’t stopped as soon as possible. When that day comes, we as conservatives must fight twice as hard to preserve liberty and our American free market.

Obamacare is a pill the American health care system must not swallow. It explodes the number of patients without addressing the severe doctor shortage America will face in the next decade. Obamacare also forces employers to axe full-time jobs and benefit packages in favor of part-time work due to Obamacare’s oppressive regulations and fines. Get all the facts from this must-read report on Obamacare; it is critical that you share this paper with the people in your life. With your help, we can stop Obamacare before it is fully implemented.

You can read and download the full paper for free here: 

Not What the Doctors Ordered: The Sickening Impact of Obamacare by Citizens United Foundation


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