Retired US Military Commanders Warn Against Budget Cuts

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland–A trio of high-ranking retired U.S. military commanders issued dire warnings to an audience here about the cuts to our military budget, the growth of our national debt, and the end of America’s military dominance. 

“America has become an unreliable ally,” said former Navy Admiral James Lyons adding that “weakness invites aggression” and Washington is weakening our forces unnecessarily.

The three commanders appeared at the one-day National Security Action Conference co-hosted by Breitbart News Network to speak on a panel titled, “The Common defense Endangered: The case for Peace Through Strength,” intended as a warning to the nation on a growing American weakness in the world because of the cuts in the military budget.

“We are on the path to unilateral disarmament,” said former Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney. “President Obama won’t say that but if you look at what we’re doing we are making the moves to unilateral disarmament.”

McInerney said that the budget cuts made it nearly impossible to continue fighting two wars. He was also critical of the lack of support he sees coming from the House and the Senate.

Lyons said that the Obama administration is the weakest national security team in American history and his military policies are destroying our armed forces.

He criticized Obama’s cuts in the military calling them unbalanced. “This military is taking 50 percent of the cuts and we are only 20 percent of the budget. Where is the balance, here?”

“Political correctness has neutralized our military,” Lyons said. “It’s lowered our morale, hurt our readiness, and made us all less safe.”

Former Marines General Jim Conway discussed a study the Marines did several years ago. The study attempted to make prognostications on where the world will be by 2025.

In that world the US will no longer be the sole world power but will be one of several along with such nations as China, Russia and upcoming world power India.

While oil and fossil fuels will still power the world’s engines and will remain a chief source of conflict across the world, water will also increasingly become a source of war as nations grow, the study found. 

As to Benghazi, Lyons says that his sources tell him that the incident was an attempt by terrorists to kidnap Ambassador Chris Stevens and to hold him to force the USA to release the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman. Further, the Obama administration knew this from the first minutes of the attack.

“Impeachable offenses were committed during Benghazi. But this was a planned tragedy and that leads right back to the White House and the Secretary of State,” Lyons charged.


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