One More Storm to Slam the Midwest

One More Storm to Slam the Midwest

The 2014 Winter that refuses to end has yet another storm in store for the Midwest starting late Tuesday night and raging on into Wednesday and possibly even Thursday as it careens eastward from Chicago.

Chicago is expecting as much as six inches of snow while further east totals might reach even higher.

The Windy City is already measuring its third snowiest Winter since 1884 but by week’s end the season may edge into second place. For Detroit this storm could actually break the record. Farther east, Burlington Vermont, forecast to have up to 12 inches, could also find its deepest snow of the year as a result of this storm.

AccuWeather meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski says that the storm’s path will range over a corridor between Chicago and New England. “The corridor from northern Illinois to northern New England has the greatest potential of being targeted by the substantial snow,” she said.

If Detroit gets ten more inches of snow this Winter it will top the 93.6 inch Motor City record. Meanwhile, Chicago sits at just over 75 inches putting this Winter in third place currently. It has a bit to go before it hits the 1978 record of 82.3 or the big Winter of 1979 which saw 89.7 inches fall.

The Weather Channel is reporting that this storm is named Vulcan and marks the 22nd major storm of the Winter season.

South of the main storm corridor the lower Midwest and the near south may experience heavy rainstorms.

Finally, much of the Great Lakes are still frozen over as this Winter refuses to loosen its grip on the upper U.S. 

 Over the last forty years the average ice coverage for the Great Lakes has been only about 50 percent iced. But this Winter the lakes are at 88 percent iced. That’s an astounding 82,940 square miles of water iced over.