Snowstorm to Sweep Through the Midwest

Snowstorm to Sweep Through the Midwest

The perpetual Winter of 2013-14 is getting ready to dump yet another snowstorm on the Midwest as a storm that is projected to sweep down from Iowa, glide over to St. Louis and east to Washington D.C. is brewing.

Accuweather says that the storm will start Saturday as rain in the Plains states and will develop into nasty snow and ice as it barrels eastward.

The storm will bring heavy snowfall on Sunday and Monday to Missouri, Southern Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, and parts of Kentucky before it will slam into Virginia and Washington D.C. Philadelphia will also feel the blast.

The worst hit areas of the country during this Winter, however, will be left mostly untouched by what everyone hopes is this last Winter storm. Chicago, Detroit, and points northwest will be mercifully skipped by the worst parts of this one.

Still, forecasters warn that Monday morning’s commute to work will be a messy affair for those areas in the storm’s path.

With Spring finally on its way in by March 20, the country will be pleased to bid farewell to this bear of a Winter season.