East Coast to Be Hit by Spring Time 'Nor'Easter' Snow Storm

East Coast to Be Hit by Spring Time 'Nor'Easter' Snow Storm

Perpetual Winter in the land of global warming continues as the East Coast of the U.S. is set to get hit by yet another snowstorm despite that Spring has sprung.

The storm descending upon the East Coast is emanating from Canada and is set to bring snow from Maine and points south to Washington D.C. and Boston.

The region around Quebec and Maine was already hit with snow on the first day of Spring several days ago, and the region stands to see several more inches before midweek.

The storm will likely be a heavy, wet snow, too, causing other problems besides hazardous driving conditions.

“Where heavy wet snow falls on areas where trees are budding and blossoming in the South, there is a greater risk of downed tree limbs and power outages with the storm,” said Evan Myers, AccuWeather’s chief operating officer.

Chicago will likely skip any major snow storm, but temperatures will be in the upper 20s and lower 30s whereas normal temperatures are in the 50s by the first week of Spring. Some snow, perhaps as much as an inch, may hit Chicago by Monday or Tuesday.

Current weather conditions are similar to the major storm that hit the Carolinas in 1983.

Weather Expert Frank Strait told AccuWeather that, “The ’83 storm formed over the northern Gulf of Mexico, strengthened and unloaded 6-10 inches of snow from central and upstate South Carolina to central and northeastern North Carolina.”

“There is a chance we’ll see a similar outcome in terms of snow compared to 1983,” Strait continued. “It is the difference in the upper atmosphere that could allow the storm to turn northward along the coast, instead of forcing it eastward and out to sea like the storm from ’83.”