911 Call Warned Woman Dying from Botched Abortion 'Not Breathing At All'

911 Call Warned Woman Dying from Botched Abortion 'Not Breathing At All'

On March 21, a caller to 911 operators in Cleveland, Ohio pleaded for emergency services to save the life of a woman dying from a botched abortion at a local abortion clinic, but rescuers did not arrive in time and the woman soon died.

LifeNews.com reports that public records show that a woman undergoing an abortion procedure at Cleveland’s Preterm Clinic became non-responsive before clinic employees called paramedics. The records were obtained by Operation Rescue.

Over the phone, the clinic worker told 911 operators that the woman was unconscious and was receiving CPR at the time of the call but efforts to resuscitate the woman were not working.

Records of the incident show that it took emergency responders only three minutes to reach the clinic. The ambulance got the patient to a hospital just over 20 minutes later, but notes in the records say that the patient was “not breathing at all,” indicating that the women never responded to attempts to revive her.

Video from the hospital also indicated that the woman was dead before she reached the hospital. EMTs were not performing any treatment on the woman as they wheeled her into the ER. It also appeared that a towel had been placed over her face.

“The lack of a sense of urgency really struck me as I was listening to the 911 recording,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “A woman was dying or dead, and there just seemed to be no real hurry to respond to the dispatcher.”

Pastor Henkel, also of Operation Rescue, was on the scene as the ambulance left and alleged that after the vehicle left the clinic a car with who he claimed to appear to be abortionist Mohammad Rezaee inside followed along behind.

In 2013, Rezaee was sued for malpractice by a patient from Akron’s Medical Group, another clinic where Rezaee performs abortions. The woman charged that her abortion was botched. She later delivered a child she called her “miracle baby.”

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