40 Ferguson Area Businesses Trashed, Vandalized or Destroyed by Protestors

40 Ferguson Area Businesses Trashed, Vandalized or Destroyed by Protestors

After the grand jury decision in the Michel Brown case, protesters vandalized, looted, and torched local businesses in the Ferguson area. According to St. Louis County Police spokesman Brian Schellman, there were 61 arrests last night as several businesses were destroyed by fire or vandalized.

Here is a list of some of the businesses that were reportedly affected by the violence in Ferguson.

1. Little Caesars Pizza

2. Walgreens

3. London’s Winghouse

4. Juanita’s Fashions R Boutique

5. Phillips 66 convenience store

Looting, store was trashed

6. Fashions R Boutique

7. Red’s Barbecue

Burned down

“I’m going to stay,” Varun Madaksira told the Washington Post about a month ago. “People are now saying how Ferguson is unsafe, you should be scared to go to Ferguson. My mother in India was never worried before, but now she’s scared. And the more they say those things, the more I want to show this community has good people.”

8. STL Cordless

Decided not to board up his store, citing faith in his community. 

9. Family Dollar Store

10. O’Reilly Auto Parts

11. Energy Express

Several people were running in and out of the store, their arms full of goods.

12. Dellwood Market

Smiling and laughing people ran in and out of as they took beer and candy.

13. Ferguson Market

Broken into and looted

14. Toys R Us


15. Cho Suey restaurant

Broken windows

16. A.J. & R. Pawn Shop

Theft, vandalsim

17. Conoco gas station


18. Corner Coffee House


19. St. Louis Fish Chicken and Grill


20. Hidden Treasures – an antiques and collectibles store

Destroyed by fire

21. Halls Ferry shopping center

22. Quiznos

23. Mexican restaurant El Palenque

Rocks through windows

24. Cafe Natasha’s

Broken windows

25. Title Max

26. Ferguson Fish and Chicken Grill


27. Beauty World

Looted and burned

28. Public Storage


29. JC Wireless


30. Sam’s Meat Market

Trashed, looted, set on fire

31. Autozone

32. Advanced Auto Parts

33. Fashions R

34.St. Louis Bread Company

Broken windows

 35. McDonalds

36. FedEx store

Windows smashed

37.Auto By Credit

At least a dozen cars on fire

38. Bank of America

Windows smashed

39. Radio Shack


40. The Gin Room



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