Gun Control Groups Cheer as UN Arms Trade Treaty Takes Effect

AP Photo/Jason DeCrow
AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

Gun control groups cheered as the UN Arms Trade Treaty went into effect on Christmas Eve.

Although the treaty’s ubiquitous aim is regulation of the export and import of small arms for signatories, Breitbart News has previously reported the treaty poses international gun control and, to be enforceable, will require the creation of an international gun registry.

According to Reuters, Control Arms’ Anna Macdonald praised the treaty, saying, “Campaigners have been pushing for this moment for a decade.” She said the treaty could usher in the “dawn of a new era” if “robustly implemented.” She also indicated the UN treaty subjugates arms trade to “international law.”

Of the 130 nations that signed the treaty, only 60 ratified it. “Russia, China, India, and Pakistan” did not sign.

The Obama administration signed the treaty in September 2013, but the good news–for now–is that Republican Senator James Inhofe (R-OH) prevented the U.S. Senate from ratifying it.

The bad news is that a future Senate can revisit ratification if Democrats once again gain control of the Senate.

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