White House: Parents Should Listen To Government Health Officials On Vaccines


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest discussed vaccines today, after reporters quizzed him about the president’s views on parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.

According to Earnest, the President ultimately believes that the decision to vaccinate their children should be “made by parents” but that they should trust public health officials when making those decisions.

Earnest weighed in on the issue after reporters brought up reports of measles spreading in several states.

“The president believes that everyone should be listening to public health professionals,” Earnest said, reminding Americans that they were “guided by science” and “steeped in knowledge” about vaccinations.

Earnest encouraged those who have doubts about the benefits of vaccinations to rely on science.

“I am going to suggest that the president’s view is that people should evaluate this for themselves with a bias towards good science and towards the advice of our public health professionals,” he said.


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