GOP Rep: Anti-Obama Court Ruling ‘Will Shake Balance of Power for Centuries’

Monday on NewsMax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) made his argument for getting a federal court order, which he said was “the best option” to stop the latest example of executive branch overreach, President Obama’s lawless amnesty.

Brooks said, “I’m one of those that does not believe that the holding of funding for the Department of Homeland Security is going to force the president to obey established immigration law. To me, the best option is one that does not rely on Barack Obama’s consent to have a successful result, and that’s to litigate. That’s what courts are for. Federal courts repeatedly have resolved disputes between the Congress and the executive branch. In this instance, we need a declaration from a federal court as to whether the president’s executive amnesty complies with a law or violates the law. And if it violates the law, we need a federal court order mandating that the president obey the law. And if the president persists in his reckless conduct, then we need a contempt citation. By way of history, not even Richard Nixon was willing to take on the federal courts when they issued their orders. He was not willing to incur the wrath that comes with a contempt citation with potential fines and jail time and, ultimately, that’s the kind of power a federal court has to force the president to obey our immigration laws.”

He concluded, “It may take time, but bear in mind, we’re going to have a president after this president and we need to establish very quickly whether Congress has the kind of standing necessary to litigate these contests between the executive branch and Congress and a court of law. And then get that behind us. Then, for all future endeavors, whether it be a Democratic Congress and a Republican president or a Republican Congress and a Democratic president, that law will be established, and hopefully it will be established with respect to separation of powers, allowing Congress to force presidents who are lawless to obey the law. So this thing is not just a battle between the Republican Congress today and Barack Obama today. If we’re successful, this ruling would shake the balance of power for decades or centuries to come.”

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