Eric Holder: ‘There’s Been No Politicization of This Justice Department’

REUTERS/Larry Downing

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has been called the most politicized and radical DOJ in American history. But as he prepares to retire from his high position in the Obama administration, Holder is striking back at his detractors by claiming that his office hasn’t been politicized at all.

The outgoing AG held a press conference on February 3 and defiantly declared that he has never politicized justice in America.

During his presser, Holder said, “there’s been no politicization of this Justice Department” and went on to say that such a charge against him is “totally inconsistent with the facts.”

Holder accused others of making political hay out of mere policy disagreements, saying it is “a little irresponsible for people on the hill to say that policy differences that we have with them… can be characterized as political.”

Then, as is the habit of members of the Obama administration, Holder looked backwards a full six years and blamed it all on Bush. In fact, Holder said he is the one that fixed a Justice Department broken by Bush.

But liberal law professor Jonathan Turley seems to have scoffed at any claim that Holder’s DOJ has been a paragon of justice. Turley feels that Obama’s DOJ has been the veritable “epicenter of a constitutional crisis” we face today.

“In my view, Attorney General Eric Holder has moved his department outside of the navigational beacons of the first and second articles of the Constitution,” Turley said in his testimony at the hearing for Obama’s new Attorney General nominee, Loretta Lynch.

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