Moms Demand Launches Gun Control Push in Wake of Garland Attack


On Sunday, two Islamic gunmen enraged by a Muslim cartoon contest opened fire at Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas. The were immediately killed by good guys with guns.

On Monday, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America launched a new gun control push, complete with a PSA asking mothers to call other mothers and talk to them about locking up their guns.

In Garland, security guard Bruce Joiner was injured by the attackers, then treated and released. The attackers were cut down in 15 seconds by Garland PD.

NBC News reports that one of the Garland gunmen was Elton Simpson, who “was convicted of lying to federal agents give years ago about his plans to allegedly join a terror group in Africa.” That he and another gunman would step out of a car and open fire more over drawings of Muhammad more than substantiates Wayne LaPierre’s claims that “terrorists…haters” and various “killers” are scheming “to destroy our country.”

Just one month ago, Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety mocked LaPierre for saying these things. And now, following Garland — where the duty to defend one’s self and family has proven paramount once more — Bloomberg funded Moms Demand Action to push for more gun control.

Moms Demand Action launched the new gun control push with a PSA in which actress Melissa Joan Hart encourages moms to call other moms about locking up their guns. She stresses calling friends and neighbors too, as well “grandma and grandpa.”

All of this on a day when other women in the country are thinking about which handgun would best fit into their purse so they can defend their kids in case of attack, and men are thinking about which handgun would best and most comfortably ride on their hip for the same reason.

This is a post-Garland era. Now is not time the time to compare notes on gun control, but to discuss how best to acquire the 30-round AR-15 mags and the “high capacity” handgun mags we’ll wish we had if the next Garland-like attack hits closer to home.

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