Bloomberg PSA Uses Children To Mock NRA Warnings Against Terrorists, Home Invaders, And Carjackers

Bloomberg Ad

On April 7 Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety released a new PSA wherein children dubbed “Lil’ Waynes” mock NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre’s contention that Americans need to arm themselves against terrorists, home invaders, and carjackers.

The clear implication of the PSA is that these things are just so many hobgoblins put forth by LaPierre for the simple goal of keeping NRA membership high and gun sales soaring.

In reality, the PSA comes while the remaining alleged Boston Marathon bomber is on trial and one day after Breitbart News reported a carjacking that could have cost a Smyrna, Georgia woman her life, were it not for an armed bystander. Moreover, the PSA comes just three days after a home invasion in Kentucky where the homeowner was able to save his life by firing his handgun at the invader while under attack.

But Bloomberg and company mock these occurances with their “Lil’ Waynes.”

They also mock the threat of campus assault faced by women on college campuses across the country, by having kids dressed in suits stand behind a podium to over-annunciate the words “rapers, haters, and campus killers.”

When the children quit mocking LaPierre the screen goes black and the following message appears:

America is too strong to let our kids grow up in fear. It’s not the American way. Stop Crazytown. Join Everytown.

But since the things LaPierre mentioned are a reality–terrorists, home invaders, carjackers, rapers, haters, campus killers, etc.–wouldn’t it be more accurate to use the moniker “crazy” to describe those who fight against self-defense?

After all, to buy a gun and educate yourself in how to use it in case your home is randomly targeted by home invaders or thieves attempt to take your car at a stop light is not crazy. Nor is fighting for your daughter or wife’s right to carry a gun on campus to fend off sexual predators.

Rather, crazy is teaching your kids to go through this life without being prepared; to go through this life thinking bad things will never happen them and to encourage them to mock those who know better. In this case, Wayne LaPierre, Bostonians, and college rape victims everywhere.

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